Pay Hike?

I was shocked to read that our MP's just got another pay hike.
Members of Parliament admit the latest annual pay hike bringing their base salaries close to $150,000 a year, with generous perks and an enviable pension plan thrown in...
That's disgusting! Please keep in mind that they also get a travel allowance to help pay for gas, while the rest of us suffer.
Recall my post on proposed budget changes. I have decided to add a sixth item.

(Edited at 2:50PM)
6. Reduce the salaries of all MP's. MP's may earn as a base salary no more than twice the average Canadian. Additions to the base salary are to be a percentage of the base salary, the highest of which is the Prime Ministers salary and may not exceed double that of the base salary (as is currently the case). The total expense allowance is not to exceed 15% of an MP's base salary. The travelling allowance which pays for gas is to be eliminated. When travelling, MP's may not rent a hotel room that costs more than three times the average price of a hotel room in a given country, the Prime Minister and Ambassadors excepted. Spouses and immediate family members may be covered by the travel allowance, but friends and assistants (such as drivers) are to pay for themselves.
Please note, according to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian male made $40,300 in 2004. At twice the average, an MP would earn as a base $80,200 a year, which is plenty to live on.

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