Our Tax Money: The Liberal ATM

My husband sent me this article this morning.
In their final hours, Paul Martin's Liberals secretly cut a $40,000 cheque to cover the costs of a longtime Liberal's challenge of the Gomery report.
Please note that this is in addition to the $600,000 in legal fees taxpayers have already picked up for Pelletier's lawyers during the Gomery commission.
That's right. $640k paid by us to cover the legal fees of criminals . It gets better.
Jean Pelletier, has appealed to the Conservative government to dip back into federal coffers for more.
Thank goodness we have a Conservative government. At least we know the answer will be "No, M. Pelletier, there will be no money for you."
It makes me wonder what other spending we don't know about. I'd be willing to bet there was a fair amount. It'd be nice if we got our tax money back. I think he should be forced to pay, with no opportunity to declare bankruptcy and so get out of it.
Baird said the only people who should have their legal fees picked up by taxpayers are working public servants.
If you want a lawyer, you can pay for it yourself. If you cannot afford a lawyer, then the system will appoint you one, just like it does for every other citizen. I am sick of this special treatment. You guys can get down here and shlum with the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

That's just the tip of the ice berg , I predicted that the reason Martin skipped out after his defeat to Harper was for the same reason he and Chretien agreed to shift the blame for the adscam to Martin who used the Sgt.Schultz defence and Chretien who became a private citizen and be absovled from fraud while he ran things.

The real scam is how Martin bailed out Miller with our money, after $35 million to not build a $25 Million dollar bridge , the records show that just before Martin left Office he signed off on Papers to allow exspansion of the Island Airport and the TPA to let a fixed link be built in place of the car ferry .

Remember this when Miller attacks Jane Pitfield in the Mayoral race when Miller tries to claim he's a responsible leader.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This is all so disgusting. People should get really involved in elections - even municipal ones, or actually especially municipal ones. Let's get rid of the rot from the bottom up.

Anonymous said...

Liberal thieves seem to be getting away with it, millions upon millions of dollars stolen - and the Liberal Party's poodles in the RCMP are completely clueless. Disgusting.

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