My Picture

So, I know all my readers are just dying to know what I look like. I have decided that today will be the big reveal.
Here I am.
That's right.
Ahh. Such a hard time I had in school. All the other kids had normal, compound eyes. Me? I was known as "Thousand eyes plus two." I was the only Blue Bottle in town who could actually be called "Bottle Caps." Even Flighty, who lost half her left eye in the Great Swat of '88, was cooler than I was. At least she had a story to tell.
I was the product of a freakish German lazer experiment. What's worse is those idiots didn't even design the darn things to cover all my eyes. They mostly cover the gap in between. I can only see out of the front 179 pairs. The rest are just a blur. And the weight! Do you know how it throws off my flying? My head keeps bobbing down. I am getting the worst neck cramp.
Life's just not fair.


Anonymous said...

Just a fly on the wall are you? Uh huh.

Silly shy girl. What do you think - the Islamists or Marijuana activists or Gay lobbyists or Liberals will take your picture, post it on every streetcorner and pronounce a fatwa on you?

Don't sweat it... I have never been recognized in real life from anything I have done on the net... and there are dozens of pictures of me out there.

Then again, my site gets crap traffic. ;) Maybe I should get it working properly and see what happens. Or maybe I should post to it...

Danté said...

Aha, another coy blogger? The closest I've ever come to displaying my picture on my site was a profile from behind. Which kind of sucks, considering the pictures I've got with Harper, McKay, and a bunch of other ministers. Oh well, anonymity is worth it.

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