Legalizing Prostitution:
A Dumb Idea that Just Won't Die

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: decriminalizing prostitution is a very bad idea.
And yet, what do I see this morning?
A national lobby group for prostitutes will be calling for the legalization of the world's oldest profession today... Lauren Casey... says fewer prostitutes would be assaulted and murdered if the federal government reformed Canada's sex-trade laws.
It's not a trade.
Don't justify it by calling it such. Don't try to legitimize it.
But Conservative MP Art Hanger argues decriminalization isn't the answer. "I'm surprised some still want to go down that route," Hanger told the Sun yesterday. "It doesn't make it safer to decriminalize it." Hanger said legalizing prostitution was tried in New Zealand and Australia, where it caused an explosion in child prostitution and the number of illegal brothels. He said he'd rather see hefty fines - as much as $25,000 - levied against johns to "curb their desire."
And Hanger is absolutely right. I am so glad we have a Conservative government in power right now. Otherwise, I feel certain that lobby groups like this would be listened to. A stiff penalty like that is perfect. I'd also like to see some jail time for pimps and brothel owners.
The coalition, composed of working and former prostitutes - several with university degrees - has also promised to present "groundbreaking research" ... Research for the presentations was conducted by sex workers with PhDs, master's and bachelor's degrees...
I'd just like to say something here. I never actually knew anyone who did it, but I heard that there were plenty of girls paying for their education by prostituting themselves. I always thought it was an absolute travesty. So much for feminism, ladies, if the only way for you to make it in the mythical "man's world" is to have someone pay you to sleep with them. An important note, however, is that being a call girl or an escort (which is what most of these girls were doing) can be quite different than being a street prostitute. You often don't have the drugs and violence that are associated with street prostitution. It depends on the situation. Having said that, I am still vehemently opposed to any sort of legalized prostitution.
To be quite honest, I really don't care what sort of "research" these people have done to support their argument for decriminalizing prostitution. It's morally reprehensible, a stain on our society. It results in the rape and murder of thousands of women every year.
Think of it this way: would you want your daughter to grow up to be a prostitute?
Didn't think so.

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