How to Know When Your
WebLife Has Taken Over

Hat Tip: Damian. Best read I have ever had.

The "Management Committee" at Rabble "fired" one of their moderators via email on Monday. Members were "outraged" and are organizing a strike There was even an article written up the same day Audra announced she was "fired."
Before I say anything, I'd just like to point out that any web community that has a "Management Committee" is definitely not the place for me. As far as I am concerned, that feature alone is enough to deter me from ever joining... that and the truly mean stuff I have read on their forum.
But back to the "firing."
Say it with me folks.
It's a FORUM!!
If your panties are in that much of a bundle, your web life has gone too far. You have even surpassed this broad... quite the feat, I would say.
Get a load of their "contingency plans."
If worst comes to worst, there should be some discussion of the structure of a new organization. It's all very good to say cooperative, but who would be the stakeholders? What combination of time and money contributed gives people a vote? Consensus decision making or majority rule? Legal status - non-profit, unregistered... etc?
Legal status?
Time and money equals a vote???
Are you joking?
...we should be putting in place a legal entity, a co-operative legal entity, that can register a website, that can establish articles of incorporation, that can thereby elect directors, etc. etc. .... And, we shoul be letting audra know that, should that come to pass/ as it will if she is not properly re-instated, she has a decent job offerm for a decent job - one that at least offers the minimum protections of a Provinces Employment Standards...
These people have gone nuts.
...mission statement... organizational structure and constitution that delineates both how people are elected into positions, and also takes into account the contributions of all stakeholders...well known people who will put their reputation behind the new organization... to give it credibility an organization needs to stand behind it... starting a new organization without some 'name brand' support is quite frankly an excercise in futility...
And the Rabble "name brand" stood for what?
Online insanity?
I had no idea that a place like Rabble would involve money of any type, especially considering the crap they mercilessly put out. I mean, this is a community of hardline NDPers and Communists. I thought you were all about the good of the people, not about the money.
Clearly I was wrong, since time and money gives you a vote.
I have seen web communities go down in flaming glory before. Who hasn't? But really, this takes the cake! This line has to be my favorite, though.
While the effort and intentions are admirable, I believe it's misguided to focus on building a new site already.
Gee, ya think? It is ONE DAY after Audra's "firing." And please note, it's from being a moderator of a forum, not CEO of a big time company that actually has an impact on the world.
I take it back. This is my favorite line:
...negotiate a ceasefire on screwing with the active threads...
Hah hah!
Negotiate a ceasefire!
This is what you get when a bunch of union weenies with no life get together on line. They start having flame wars against themselves, and use terms like "negotiate a ceasefire."
It's a FORUM people!!
A web community.
Got that?
Ooh! Oooh! I found another good one!
...the hypocrasy of sweatshop working conditions at supposedly labour-progressive website.
Sweatshop working conditions???
Love the spelling of hypocrisy by the way.
Anyone remember that discussion had on Cerberus' blog a while ago, about why the left can't seem to have the impact the right can? I wish I could find the link. Anyways, Cerb, I think I found your answer.


Brian Lemon said...

An experience I have always seen and never admired.
Somebody starts someone, no one will participate til it's worthwhile, then maneuvers to take it over, then gets peed off with all the work, then lets it slide, then puts the blame for failure on others.
Normal frail humanity in action.

Brian Lemon said...

oops then "someone else" maneuvers to take it over . . .

Danté said...

It's rabble. Comedy on demand.

INP said...

The Babble site is shut down - for the long weekend they say. The regulars there are probably drinking alone tonight to help dull the pain. It ain't easy being a collectivist with no one to talk to.

Moonbats have historically destroyed entire societies. A few loony, left-wing chat rooms here and there is rather insignificant in comparison. Bye bye says I. Get a life already.

Les Mackenzie said...

As a general rule of thumb I stay away from Rabble.ca - a loonier bunch of moonbats have yet to be collected.

And this post made me read the babble section... I really didn't need to do that - because for some reason I think I can register and educate some of these goons.

But then reality kicks in and I make this comment, grab a glass of water and read the already biased news.

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