Just when you thought it was over, Liberal excess comes back to kick you in the teeth.
The report by arbitrator George Adams upheld a $417,780 severance payment the former Liberal cabinet minister received in February, along with a $42,010 annual pension.
Well, I suppose $40K is a reasonable pension, right?
Mr. Dingwall will also receive an annual pension of $42,000 from the mint on top of his yearly MP’s pension of $77,200.
So, that's $119,200 a year for a pension.
Must be nice.
Who wants totake a look at what CPP pays out to Joe-Average Retiree?
The maximum monthly benefit for a retiree who is not disabled (which Dingwall is not) is a whopping $844.58. That works out to $10134.96, which by the way is taxed again. Old Age Security averages $484.63 per month, which is about $5815.56 per year. Together, the average Canadian gets about $15,950.52 per year when they retire.
Way to look after the common people.


Anonymous said...

The David Dingwall affair and his much published “ entitlements “ argument before The Public Accounts Committee which dominated the front pages of our newspapers for weeks will soon become just a minor footnote in the sad history of the most corrupt and truth challenged government that most of us care to remember.

Two things still stick in my craw about this whole fiasco, members of the previous Liberal government that lied about this affair are still serving as MP’s, and in the near future will be “entitled “ to their own reward as they retire and start enjoying the benefits of the most generous pension scheme for politicians to be found anywhere in this universe.

Before anyone has a bake sale to help Mr. Dingwall survive as he fades into the sunset, he was also rewarded an annual pension of $42,000 as part of this settlement, this after just over two years on the job. It should also be mentioned that Mr. Dingwall is also drawing a pension of $72,400 annually for his seventeen years as an MP.

To put this into perspective, there are approximately 2300 Canadian men and women serving in Afghanistan and with the possible exception of the Brigadier General commanding this mission and a few other senior officers, none of them will receive a pension anywhere near this amount when they retire having served 30-35 years in uniform.

Malcolm F. Brown

Porter’s Lake, NS

OMMAG said...

Here ! Here !

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