Carolyn Bennett: Liberal Leader!!

I first heard it on Classical FM this morning. Dr. Carolyn Bennett, battle axe extraordinaire has thrown her hat into the ring, as of this morning. She wants to lead the Liberal Party to certain doom... I mean, glorious victory.
Looking online, Canadian Newswire, corroborates what I heard.
Her campaign has a strong focus on democratic reform. "We have to engage
Canadians in the democratic process not just on Election Day, but every day.
We have to show them we know how to listen and respond appropriately. We have
to put them back in the centre," she said.

Democratic Reform?
Lady, you are running as leader for the Liberal Party. No one, short of a handful of idiots, is going to buy the idea that your party is interested in democratic reform, especially when they are getting the beginnings of it from the Conservatives, via the ethics package.

Edit: Please note that I have been trying to post this since about 8:30AM. Stupid Blogger keeps going down!


Sara said...

We had problems with our blogs too..

Carolyn Bennett is not a very smart woman, we call her a fake feminist... she believes that middle class families are paying too much with the income tax brackets but rather than give them back to parents who don't need the money she will give it to special interest groups who DO!

Shaky said...

If Carolyn Bennett is a battle axe then I would hate to see what we are referring to Cheryl Gallent as.

Bennett was one of the driving forces behind the Sunnybrook Women's Hospital in Toronto. She maybe a lot of things, but a fake feminist she is isnt.

Feminurse said...

Not since the heroic porno battles in the states has it been appropriate to call someone a fake feminist- second wavers step aside, this is a movement, not an argument.

If CB is not a feminist than who is?

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