Bob Rae: Liberal Leader?

I cannot think of anything worse for this country.
According to an article at CTV, former Ontario premiere Bob Rae will announce his bid for the leader of the Liberal Party next week.
That guy was a total disaster for Ontario when he was premiere. The thought of him running Canada makes me shudder. We'd end up totally broke and hostage to the unions.


VW said...

I can think of one thing worse than "Bob Rae, Liberal Party leader."

Try "Bob Rae, Prime Minister of Canada."

And before you say it couldn't happen, remember that a lot of progressives believed that Stephen Harper could never become Prime Minister.

Old Jute said...

Bob Rae, Liberal leader would be wonderful. The Liberals would be wiped off the map in an election.

Anonymous said...

The Tories could use him as a battering ram to finally take most of Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy. But perhaps Canadians prefer platitudes over pensions.

Les Mackenzie said...

Vote Bob - then every day can be a Rae Day!

I wrote about this also :D

Anonymous said...

If Bob is the next Liberal Leader they can kiss their seats in Ontario goodbye. The CPC would sweep most of the West and Ontario with the NDP getting whatever is left.

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