Poor Baby

My daughter is sick.
She's only 5 1/2 months and it's the first real cold she's had, not counting the rattle in her lung that she had the first two weeks of her life. Poor little thing! Nothing is sadder that a sick baby, especially when it's only a cold and you can't do anything but wait it out.


Ottawa Core said...

she is your life now. all other concerns be damned. hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to be unable to help very much but she'll get well. Just keep an eye out for retraction...you can see it when the sternum area seems like a tiny valley or flesh around ribs looks tight(more than usual), or wheezing. If you think you see/hear any, see the pediatrician. Most likely no worry but you'll be relieved to know it.
This is a bit of a nasty cold/flu season. Not trying to be scary, kids are tough!

Anonymous said...

Further to my previous post. While not trying to scare you I didn't specify what I was referring to. It's called RSV or respiratory syncytial(sp) virus. Most kids catch it by age 2 and can have it again with lesser symptoms. You can check with your health authority to find out if RSV is present in your area. If it is, they can advise you on best practices.

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