On Having Children

I have a confession to make. I like to watch America's Next Top Model.
Please don't make fun of me.
I know full well that it's the world's worst show.
Last night the contestants and Tyra Banks were talking about their life goals. One girl admirably said that she would like to be a mother. Tyra Banks' response said everything there is to say about modeling.
"I would love to have children," she began. Then Ms. Banks went on to say that before she has children, she would like to be a little more "well-established."
What do you mean by "well-established?"
I mean, you are 32, rich, famous, beautiful. What else do you need to "establish" about yourself? Never mind that the longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to have children.
Unless, of course, you are afraid that having kids will give you stretch marks and end your underwear modeling career. I mean, who wants to wear clothes?
My husband and I started talking about it. "More well-established." What does that even mean? Nothing. This is where people can be so wrong about having children. Having kids is not all about you and it's not all about making you feel good. Why couldn't she just say "I want to live it up fist?" At least that would have been honest.


Mark said...

"More well-established" is codespeak for being unwilling to give up what they consider to be pleasures or freedom for the privilege and responsibility of raising children.

I'm glad Tyra is waiting. By all appearances she thinks kids would trip her up. The last thing children need are parents that don't want them or use them like a hobby.

Having said that, one hopes that Tyra doesn't fall victim to the nonsensical feminist babble that says you can just have a baby when you're 40+ after having accomplished all your career goals. True, it is possible given modern medicine, but it is by no means guaranteed. It is also arguable that raising kids through your 40s and 50s is much tougher than doing so through your 20s and 30s.

fzmousie said...

Now see, *I* want to be more well-established before I have kids. By that, I mean, I'd like my husband to be done school before the kid planning happens.

Or, maybe Tyra meant she needs a husband?

Nahhh... that would involve morals.

Blogette said...

ANTM is quite possibly the best show on TV. I love it!

Mark: Having kids at in your 20's or 30's is not guaranteed either. Tons of my friends are taking fertility or doing in vitro and they're not even close to 40. It's not 'non sensical; feminist blah blah, it's reality,

Without getting into a huge discussion, adoption is a great option, no matter what your fertility level is.


Ruth said...

B, did you watch last week's episode with the shoes? I honestly thought I was going to die, watching those girls try to walk! I mean, I love shoes (esp. heels), but I'm not sure you could pay me enuogh to ear those.

Da Zing said...

I was born to old parents. My mom was 40 and my dad was 47. Other than the fact that it's easier to get student loans when your parents are on pension, having old parents sucks.

For the sake of your kids, don't wait until you're done having fun.

Blogette said...

You KNOW Tyrant was just using that shoe challenge to dig into Nemesis Naomi Campbell. That and break poor Danielle's baby toe!

But yes, I love shoes, but those heels were KILLER!

Da zing: My parents were 40 and 39 when I was born. I would say that having older parents definitely didn't suck, although I am pretty sure I wasn't planned!


PGP said...

As a parent I'm pretty confident that Banks a notorious airhed and egomaniac would be a curse on her own children.

Preventing her from breeding would be a good thing!

Jesse Gritter said...

Why couldn't she just say "I want to live it up first?" At least that would have been honest.

Also, one wonders where all the people are today who believe that having kids is living it up.

(Say hi to Anton and Eden for me.)

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