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I am continuing to follow the case of Rahman, the Afghan Convert. According to CNN, Rahman's case was dropped by the court. Now Islamic clerics are calling for his death. Rahman is still being held in prison, only this time it may be for his own safety. He has appealed to the UN for amnesty in another country.
Interestingly enough, CNN and Canada.com only state that he was arrested after he was discovered to own a Bible. CTV has something different to say. Apparently, Rahman was arrested last month after it was disclosed in a civil child custody case with his wife that he had converted to Christianity.

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Anonymous said...

The latest news from the AP Wire is that Rahman has been released. I have a post in my journal about this here which is long, but most of it is comprised of two articles. The Cohen piece is at least worthy of discussion.

Regarding the bit you mentioned about the child custody case, I especially liked Cohen's commentary and how he called it a "late hit," as in football. LOL ;)

-- Herman

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