Lefty Paranoia and
The Annexation Manifesto

So, I was googling for stories on the upcoming sitting of Parliament, the Liberal bluster and apparent threat to vote against the throne speech and other news of the day. In my cyber travels, I happen to come across this glorious bit of utter insanity. I haven't had something to make fun of in a long time.
<insert evil laughter here>
First, notice the title. Harper's U.S. Annexation Manifesto?
Well, despite the fact that there is a question mark at the end, rest assured that whoever wrote this article is certain that Harper must have such a manifesto somewhere. I looked at the "About Us." Ahh. Lefties run this "newspaper." Big surprise.
But on to the article. Behold the opening sentence.
It is apparent that the primary purpose of the new Conservative Party of Canada creation, is to orchestrate the take-over of Canada by the United States, and its Big Business interests.
Please. Your paranoia is showing and it's only 9am-ish.
If your party stands for integrity, as you allege, why don't you free your Members of Parliament and other Conservative Party of Canada leaders, so that they can openly present their U.S. Annexation agenda?
Because we know you simply must have one. If anyone denies the truth of what we have just said, clearly it must be because you are forcing them to be quiet about their hidden plot. Perhaps you are threatening to throw them out of Cabinet. We know you prefer the States. Why don't you just come out and say it?
The following Open Letter will hopefully help inspire "Conservatives" to feel free to echo an apparent "Annexation Manifesto". Such an apparent "Manifesto" is being championed by the former right-wing Reform Party leader Preston Manning and former Ontario Premier Mike Harris. This published "Manifesto" has ironically been called "True North Strong and Free".
Since you aren't willing to come right out and say it, we'll write your manifesto for you. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and it's yours for the taking.
I love the use of the word "inspire," as though anyone with a secret desire to make Canada the 51st state would need help to express themselves. Also, please note that neither Mike Harris nor Preston Manning had anything to do with the open letter presented. Still, if you are not careful when you read the article, you might think they did.
The dubious "True North Strong and Free" political economic policy document basically proclaims that 'Canada is for Sale'. In essence, Manning and Harris present a stated interest to seek a stronger Canada, by essentially wiping out vital Canadian national boundaries, along with any control by Canadians of their own destiny, as a participatory democratic society. In so doing, Harris and Manning seek to further expedite the U.S. take-over of Canada, that has already been occurring under the nation and quality-of-living destroying "Free Trade" with the United States.
Canada is for sale?
I just have to ask what makes these guys think the US would want to buy us. Also, I find it curious that they feel the US would be interested in taking away our democratic rights or wiping out control over our own lives. After all, it is the left that is sold on nanny-state living. They want national daycare; they want to brainwash our kids.
And the US had what to do with that?
Uh huh.
But on to the letter. (This is good.)
It is your representation that you and your party stands for integrity in politics, as an alternative to the 'corrupt' Liberals. Right? Well, it is about time that you and your members of Parliament came right out about the apparent desires of your 'Conservative' Party. That is the U.S. absorption of Canada. Isn't that why your confederates support adopting the U.S. dollar; a so-called "common border" with the United States; and saying "yes" to ever dysfunctional policy advanced by U.S. neo-conservatives, irrespective of Canadian national interests?

Support adopting the US dollar?
That's almost laughable.
I love the way this letter starts, by the way. Essentially, they say "We know what you really think, so you may as well say it." Ah. Paranoia.
Is it clear that you and your 'Conservative' Party does not support an independent Canada that defends in North America, the national public interests of Canadians from being subject to foreign Big Business coercion. Your stance on the Kyoto Accords, that was devised to protect the planet Earth's vital environment, that Canadians, and humanity in general, depend upon for their quality-of-survival, further illuminates the apparent regressive nature of your "branch plant" of the U.S. Republicans.

No. It's not clear at all. As far as the environment goes, like it or not the US is doing a better job than we are, and have been for quite some time. Kyoto is not the be all and end all, and it never was.

Why not truly provide Canadians with the clear choice that you have said that you seek, in an unambiguous nature? Let the next Canadian federal election be a choice between the social, cultural, political and economic take-over of Canada by the United States, (that appears to be supported by your political party), against political advocates for an independent and social progressive Canada. The United States is a remarkable society. Why not let those Canadians who want to dismantle Canada, be able to support your political agenda freed of continued political disguise?

Uh. We just had an election.
If the Conservatives really do support the annexation of Canada, as you claim, then why was it not an election issue? Because the Conservatives are hiding their true plan? Please.
Let the next Canadian federal election be between you and your advocates for the annexation of Canada under an American manifest destiny agenda, against those Canadians who support the realization of Canada's national destiny as a socially progressive model society that is a constructive leader in the world... a nation which affirms the quality-of-living of all Canadians, without prejudice.... where poverty including homelessness is eradicated... where our environment that Canadian dependent upon their personal and public health is protected from pollution including worsening urban smog to global warming in general... where our public healthcare is rejuvenated not via a privatization scheme that unethically exploits 'the sick' as a "profit centre" like the United States... but which instead affirms the promises of our the socially justice-oriented nature of our vital public healthcare system... where Canada helps leads the world on our values of compassion, peace, cross-cultural community, and constructive internationalism, rather than on capitalistocratic exploitation, oppression and war, and the colonial politics of "divide and rule", including institutionalized racism.

Institutionalized racism.
That is going a bit far.
Capitalistocratic. What a great word.
I need to point out that the healthcare system worsened under the Liberals. Also, if our quality of living is supposed to go up under lefty rule, maybe you can explain to me why I am paying more taxes but keep getting less in return on my social investment.
Indeed, there may be many Canadians who would like our cities to more resemble the Bronx, Brooklyn, south Central Los Angeles, and other such areas of profound poverty, social malaise and despair, alienation, marginalization, and ensuing crime that have grown and persistent under American economic policies.

<cough> <Toronto> <cough> <cough> <Vancouver> <cough>
I love how out of all the cities in the US, they only pick three known to have some crime issues. What about Kalamazoo, MI or Colville, WA?
But no. Those aren't well-known or exciting cities.
Why not give the Canadians seeking to further destroy our social fabric, and our natural landscape, under absorption into the United States, and the corresponding destruction of the 'Canadian Dream'... that is the unambiguous choice of supporting your political party, if it were ever elected?

They were elected.
Question for you all. Do you think the "Canadian dream" mentioned at the end involves more taxes and less services for those taxes?


Anonymous said...

Paranoia is socially regressive, the authors of that publication should try to be a little more open-minded.

PGP said...

What kind of search method gets you connected to tripe like that?

Ruth said...

Ruth's Secret Method Of Discovering Weird Things on Google: (patent pending)

Try throwing random, politically related words into Google or GOogle news to see what you get. In this case, I'm pretty sure my search was liberal conservative parliament under Google news.

Anonymous said...

It seems that these days, the whole world is blaming the US for something or another. Some of it is just plain stupid!

Polimom said...

Darn. Wish I'd seen your post before I wrote my latest. I've been thinking, actually, that the U.S. could start the annexation process with Mexico, with Canada only a secondary issue. If I'd known there was a real worry about it, I'd have hit the subject much harder.

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