Harper and the Seal Hunt

Some time ago, and I have no idea when, Canada.com went insane. Maybe it happened when they changed their look. All I know is that they used to have fabulous articles, or at least decent. Now we have garbage like this.
Notice the title of the forum discussion.
Harper is hiding from the media on the seal hunt.
Harper IS hiding. We know it's true. We can't get a comment from him; he hasn't spoken to us on what must be the world's dumbest issue. Therefore, he must be hiding.
People, Parliament sits next week. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe, just maybe, the imminent sitting of Parliament might be a more pressing issue than a seal hunt? I mean, it's not like we're running out of seals. It's not like they're about to become extinct. It's not like the seal hunt won't happen next year because a bunch of celebrities, with nothing better to do, keep throwing themselves onto the ice floes as some sort of bizarre act of protest.
What's more is that people are actually discussing this as though it's a problem. There must be 12 pages of discussion on the non-issue that is the seal hunt. Don't people have a life?

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Mark said...

Don't people have a life?

I think the 12 pages of discussion answer that question for themselves, no?

The more bizarre thing is how unhinged the media become when the government begins informing them on a need-to-know basis rather than being at their every beckon call. Perhaps it is the reporters that need to get a life. :-)

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