Friday is Choice For Childcare Day

As a stay at home mom, as a general rule I am not in favour of daycare. I am even less in favour of any kind of national or state-run daycare program. The government can't run itself, much less my kid. The misinformation that is being spread by the Liberals and NDP is concerning, at best. I am in favour of the Conservative tax-credit plan, although it would be nice if they were returning just a little bit more money.
Sara at Choice For Childcare is organizing a new blogger initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness about the true need for choice in childcare, and the problems with the so-called national daycare plan that was proposed by the Liberals (but never implemented). The plan is to combat misinformation; to post your thoughts on why you support choice in child care and why you support the Conservative tax credit. Spend your Friday blogging this important issue.
If you wish to be involved, visit Choice For Childcare or drop me a note here.


Peter Thurley said...

I'm just curious as to how a single mother or father with two children and a minimal amount of education is going to pay for reasonable child care on $50/mth from the government. Presumably s/he has a job, and that job likely does not pay much more than minimum wage. I'm sorry, but the amount promised by the Harper government doesn't even come close to meeting the needs of those who need the aid the most. Now I agree - parents should have a choice in how they take care of their children, whether that be by staying at home or by putting them in a state-run daycare. But Harper's plan to nullify the government spending on childcare only harms those who cannot afford to go to work and raise a family at the same time. I'm told that the waitlists for most daycares or childcare centres in the GTA (whether publiclly funded or not) is months long, and many of these centres are way out of the way for parents. My sister, whose career is in the child care sector, is incensed with this legislation - she is watching as many single moms will now have to resort to the food bank or to other charities just to make ends meet because they can no longer afford to pay for child care and supply the basic needs for their families. Or, as my sister explained to me, perhaps they were expecting the Liberal program to kick in this year, as promised, and now have to make some serious cutbacks in order to accomodate the lost opportunities.

As you blog today for Choice in Childcare, please remember those who have no voice, those who really have no choice because they are too poor to be heard and too busy trying to put a loaf of bread on the table to sit at home in a comfortable chair in front of a computer screen and blog for proper federal funding of childcare. Remember that as the middle class rejoices in its newfound 'autonomy' they do so at the expense of millions of others living below the poverty line.

Ruth said...

It's $100 per month per child, not $50 per month. Also, the Conservative plan also allots money for more child care spaces.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're not the only one who is "not in favour of day-care"...

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