Canada: Terrorist Heaven

To some extent, this isn't really news. It has been known for some time that Canada is a haven for terrorists and criminals. The original report from the Fraser Institute is here and the accompanying news release is here.
The report was written by Martin Collacott and, although long, is interesting and makes some good points. It examines shortcomings of current immigration policies, reasons why problems may not have been fixed, the impact on trade with the U.S. and it provides recommendations on how to improve our system.
Recommendations for improvement include increased resources, reduction in access to the system of people who should not be entitled to make claims because they arrived through safe third countries, or originated from safe countries, faster case settlement and greater use of detention for risky, failed claimants. The entry and departure of visitors should also be properly recorded. There is also the recommendation that some common immigration policies between ourselves and the U.S. might be a good idea. A common database that provides information on who is moving in and out of the country is suggested. I have to say, I am not convinced that this is a good idea. While the author does make mention of the fact that we need to agree on who should be watched and who shouldn't be, he forgets that we also have different privacy laws. I also think this idea would be a tough sell to the general Canadian public.


Mark said...

We'll see whether it is a tough sell after the first terrorist act, which our very own security service -- not the FBI or CIA or any other -- is a certainty.

Myrddin Wyllt said...

It should bloody well take five years not five seconds on Canadian soil to become entiteled to our rights and freedoms.
Revoke that stupid idea and problem solved, you got five years to find out a claiments past and the freedom to give them the boot if they fail to measure up.
Another stupid idea that benifits terrorists is they idea we can't deport someone who may be killed or tortured in the country they came from, how the hell do we deport middle easterners?

PGP said...

Yes and instead of dealing with these issues of importance we have been hornswoggled into paying for a $2billion make work project for civil servants that take away resources that could be used to find and deal with criminals.

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