Women in Politics

I have a rant. Read the following in as feisty tone as possible.

I am getting sick of women complaining about there not being enough women in "Career X." Lately, the career X of choice is politics. Take for example the all-women panel on the Michael Coren show the other day. The Liberal representative, Carolyn Bennett, went off on a tangent about how there needs to be 30-35% women in any given industry in order to make an impact on the culture, in order to change it from a competitive culture to a collaborative one... as though women are less competitive and more collaborative than men.
Before I say anything about that little bit of stupidity, let me tell you a bit about me. I'm an under-30 stay-at-home mom with a MSc in Computer Science. Computers, for those of you who live with their heads in the sand, is an overwhelmingly male dominated field. Do you know how many Canadian born white girls (or even just Canadian born girls) there were doing their Masters in Computer Science at the University I attended?
I'll give you a hint: there was me.
The remaining handful were Chinese. The rest were men of varying backgrounds.
I also have the distinction of enduring the longest defense on record. But that's really another story. Had I not got married when I did, I probably would have gone on to do a PhD. (There was just something about calling myself Dr. Ruth...) and you can bet I would have been only one of an even smaller number of women.
So, with that said, let me say something else.
I pretty much CATEGORICALLY DENY the so-called existence of a man's world. You wanna make it with the men? Then do your work and smile as often as possible. Batting your eyelashes works too. Stop waiting for a hand out or for someone to come to you and invite you to join their career path. It's not going to happen. Ever.
As for women being "less competitive" and "more collaborative," what can I say? I've only ever had one decent female boss. The other one sucked. She lied and backstabbed like there was no tomorrow. In general, I have found women holding "superior" positions to be obnoxious, rude and trying too hard to show they're "tough." Women are definitely not more collaborative, and if they are, I have yet to meet one. Also note that I grew up in a family of six kids and there was only one boy.
That's right. Five girls in one house.
And let me tell you, there were plenty of fist fights, arguments and competitions to go around.
As far as this idea of there being a lack of women in politics goes, it's irrelevant. I'd rather have a competent man represent me than an idiot woman any day. If my representative happens to be a competent woman, great. But really, what if they were all like Belinda Stronach?
There are so many things that make an individual suited to a particular field. Gender may or may not be one of them, depending on your point of view. To make gender your only focus shows that you are more than a little myopic in your outlook on life. You should get out more.
And maybe drop that out-moded way of thinking and enter the 21st century.
There is no patriarchy gals.
Stop whining.


Les Mackenzie said...

Wow! A well thought out argument against the myth of the 'mans world'.

You and my wife seem to think along the same lines when it comes to this type of thing. A month or so ago one of the more progressive European countries was willing to shut down companies unless women were represented on their boards.

I thought it was silly. But then again, since I have a penis I shouldn't have an opinion on such things...

Central Content Publisher said...

The sad thing now, is that the statistics to support Feminist initiatives don't exist anymore, but still, they plug away. Men have the highest unemployment rate, by far the highest homeless rate, 10 men go to jail for every woman, 3/4 as many men enrole in universities, twice as many women graduate, and the male mortality rate is twice as high as woman... and the list goes on.

It's loads of fun being a member of the privleged sex.

Ruth said...

The country you are referring to is Norway. Their new law says that all company boards must have 40% women in two years (I think that was the time frame) or face being closed. To be frank, I can't see this law being enforced. Really, is the government going to close ALL businesses to close that don't comply and drive a ton of people out of work?
As for the male mortaliy rate, that has nothing to do with sexism. It's because men are at higher risk for things like hear disease.

Mark said...

Bravo Ruth. Still don't like the orange you got on the go here, but the content is still good. :-)

Shane said...

I thought this post on your subject brought out some interesting counterpoints... namely some female dominated industries...


Sara said...

You go equal human you!

I agree, I'm a stay at home mom and all I want is for my kids to have long, healthy, happy lives. People think I'm a lazy, selfish soap opera watching teletubbie!

I'm not, and I am equal to any man!!!

(but I'm not in the penis agree, that I will concede happily)

By the way Carolyn Bennett is a die hard feminist, she won't be happy until woman rule the earth and get sperm from a turkey baster...

Ruth said...

lol! Equal human!
I hear you. And Ms. Bennett is a dumb-ass.

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