The Truth About Decriminalized Prostitution

I have talked about prostitution and similar issues before. Today I read this article on forced prostitution in Holland.

...another image of prostitution is starting to emerge -- that of unwilling women trafficked by criminal gangs... once she arrived in the Netherlands the man she had thought of as a boyfriend sold her to criminals... "When you force a woman into prostitution you steal a life, you steal her future. She loses everything and later she is too ashamed even to have contact with her family..." Distrust of the police and stories of light sentences for pimps frequently make such victims too scared to seek help.

What a sad statement that is. Unfortunately, it does not surprise me at all. Prostitution is an extremely lucrative business, and not one that draws people of upstanding moral character, especially when it comes to traffickers, pimps and brothel owners. Recall the points made in the article from the Tyee that I talked about back in December. Decriminalizing prostitution does not reduce violence committed against women; in fact, it often increases.
The saddest fact of all is that women in Holland feel they cannot go to the authorities for help. This is incredibly unfortunate. The law is supposed to protect and help the innocent, those who otherwise cannot help themselves. Instead, the guilty go free and the innocent remain in bondage.


Tom Newell said...

I often wonder if it is legalized does this mean if someone on welfare refuses a referral to such a position they then can be cut off for refusing a job! This has happened in Germany with great consternation by the same crowd that usually advocates decriminalization. Once legalized does not the moral stigma become moot? Maybe before we decide liberalization maybe we should think out the FULL consequences!

Ruth said...

You sshould read the article I linked to from the Tyee. The author makes reference to a case in BC where a welfare worker suggested to her case that she take a job as a prostitute. I have no doubt that, should prostitution be fully decriminalized and regulated, the scenario you mention is not only possible, but likely.
That is why I am looking at our prostitution laws now. The Conservatives will not be in power forever and we have a narrow window of opportunity to make things better for those less fortunate.

drvsvs said...

Sure legalize prostitution, marijuana, make the age of consent 14, oh wait a second the liberals did make 14 the age of consent. Where does it stop? With liberals it never does.

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