Train Up A Child

The Imperial March, from Star Wars.
The one piece of music that draws all of my kids attention.
I kid you not. She fixates in whatever direction it comes from.
She will be five months next week. Start 'em young, that's our motto. Her brain will be finely tuned to all things geeky, spacey and fantasy before she's three.
But really, with both parents being programmers one has to ask: did Eden ever really have a chance at not being a nerd?


Rob said...

She might have total geek training but once of age they tend to distance themselves from mom and dad. Also, even though the genes are the same, they all have their own personalities if you have more than one. They can and will play each individual strength against mom and dad. My two boys are polar opposites, and I love them both, but the one that is like me drives me nuts because he is sooo like me and the one who is like my wife drives me nuts because he is sooo like his mom.grow up in a blink of the eye.

Rob said...

that should read "enjoy every second because the grow up in a blink an eye"

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