Supreme Court Selections

According to PoliticsWatch, there will be a change to the way Supreme Court Justices are selected. Nominees will now appear before MP's for grilling.
It's interesting that advocates for the status quo, such as Beverly McLachlin (who should be ignored anyway), and advocates for an elected Supreme Court are both against the new plan. Others are in favour.
One may wonder what the effect of the new process will be. After all, the Prime Minister still appoints all the judges himself. True, MP's will make their recommendations, but what is to stop the PM from simply ignoring everyone and barrelling ahead with his own plans?
The simple answer?
Unless, and we know it can happen (witness Martin), the Prime Minister really does not care how his actions appear to the rest of Canadians, he will at least take the advice of the MP's under consideration. While I am in favour of something closer to an elected Supreme Court (either that or a diminishing of their power), this seems like a good compromise. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

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