Sexist Beer Ad Pulled

Beer Ads?
Say it ain't so!
Some idiot thought an ad suggesting women shouldn't talk would be a good idea. (I can hear my husband laughing his head off now. Oh the smart ass comments that will fly tonight! If you are reading this: Silence!)
Get a load of Levesque's lame attempt at covering his rear.
"I have been told that the creative team in question now fully understands what they did and that their lame attempt at humour was not amusing... It's not something we're particularly proud of...The bottom line is we don't condone sexism - intended or not."
Earth to Levesque. Have you ever seen ANY beer ad? Ironically, the only non-sexist beer commercials I have ever seen are the Keith's ads.
Real life is weirder than the movies. You can't make this stuff up.

Edit at 10:57am: Anyone have any idea what the 50 words would be? I am putting my bets on a lot of "Okay!" (said in a high-pitched squeaky voice, accompanied by a head bobble, "Yes dear!" and lots of giggling (which don't really count as words, but whatever).

1 comment:

Sara said...

I think Beer said 50 times would do it,,,,

I like humor though, not at anothers expense but you can't always say two whit horses fell in a mid puddle... thats me though I am a bit twisted...

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