Red Green for PM

I have no opinion on the Order of Canada. Just thought you'd all like to know: Red Green is receiving the honour.


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

For the record, Steve Smith was doing a lot for comedy and television in Canada long before he created Red Green.

I remember the Smith and Smith Comedy Hour, and I thought it was great. A wonderful continuation of the tradition of Wayne and Shuster.

Add that to the obvious success of his Red Green Show, and all the things he's done in between, and I have no problem at all with him being a Member of the Order of Canada.

VW said...

No surprise. this was known back in August:


The Brigadier, Red Ensign Brigade said...

I don't object to there _being_ an Order of Canada. I find it mildly distasteful that it's too often used to reward those who have been of service to the governing party rather than to reward those who have been of service to Canada and Canadians.

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