A Question

What book is everyone being given?
From here, it looks like a Bible.

Update at 11:50am:
Yeah, it must be a Bible.
From The Star: Harper, who will bring his personal copy of the Bible to the swearing-in...
Interesting. I take it the Liberals were similarly given a Bible at their swearing in ceremonies. It begs the question whether or not anyone ever read it.
It says a lot to me though that Harper chose to take his own.


Rob said...

Yes the MSM was sure to point out it's his Bible and it's the one he takes to church every week. Like that's a problem or something.

Ottawa Core said...

it appears as though everyone had their own Bible. if they were "given" a Bible, they were all different. two ministers, toews and finley DID NOT have Bibles. toews never stated "so help me God"

Blake said...

Just because the Liberals, lie, cheat, slander, fearmonger, and dither, doesn't mean they don't read their Bibles.

I've gone to plenty of "Bible-believing, Bible-preaching" churches where the members, for all their Bible studies and sermons they hear, are almost despicable human beings in personal life. It seems that there's a filter between "reading" and "doing".

Ruth said...

LOL. True. I can't disagree.

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