Jesus and Mohammed

Last night on the Michael Coren Show, David Menzies opened with a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine. The cover features Kanye West depicted as Jesus Christ and their feature article is "The Passion of Kanye West." There was a brief discussion on the hypocrisy in our media when it comes to freedom of speech and respecting religious beliefs.
That brings us to this post by Angry about the cartoon published in the Strand. The cartoon depicts Jesus and Mohammed kissing. Now I hear that the Strand receives public money.
There are two things to consider. First is the cartoon itself. The editor and cartoonist defend themselves by claiming that the cartoon is not an act of hate. After all, it's a picture of two men kissing (forget the fact that they are religious figures and one of them is God) so how could it be hateful? The idea that this picture is blasphemous to two different religious groups seems not to have occurred to anyone involved. I'd like to ask them if they even understand the concept of blasphemy and if so, do they honestly feel it stems from anything other than a black and bitter heart?
The second point is the fact that this university student paper received public money. In my opinion, it is one thing to freely express yourself in an offensive manner. It is quite another to do it on public money. My taxes are your paper's source of funding and, quite frankly if you are going to be a prick then I don't want you receiving so much as another dime of my money. I think there should be some sort of standard that these guys need to adhere to.
I am getting tired of hearing about these Mohammed cartoons in the news. The horse is dead; stop beating it. You media guys don't afford Christianity the same comforts or sheltering as you have for Muslims in the last few weeks and months. I wasn't alive the last time the world walked on eggshells for my belief and neither were any of you, your parents, your parent's parents and so on. Get over it already.
Don't be evil.


Dan Kauffman said...

Tobacco is SACRED

I have been following recent news with great interest and I feel that in the spirit of equal opportunity, I as a descendant of the Ani-Yun-Wi-Ya. (Total of all real people) should point out that I have found the lack of respect and Honor accorded the Sacred Herb of my Ancestors, highly offensive.Since it appears that in some quarters decisions have been made to avoid offending other religions even to the extent of discarding basic Liberties and Freedoms then my Religion too should be accorded the same respect.


Ian Hugh Clary said...

It appears that The Strand is suffering from a bad case of "too little too late." Not only did they miss the free-speech boat by not publishing the cartoons of Mohammed, now they're crying "we're cutting edge too!" by publishing this lame attempt at being daring.

RC said...

i totally agree with ian...lame attempt to be daring...

the people who really end up being controversial with any sort of POSITIVE effect, are those who never attended on being controversial at all.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

The Strand receives public money? Perhaps you could actually cite or some figures for that little tidbit of misinformation.

Get your facts straight before you jump to judgment.

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