Iranian Cartoon Contest

h/t: Damian

Consider the following:
Denmark is a Christian-turned-secular humanist country.
Cartoonists in Denmark draw unholy pictures of Mohammed.
Portions of the Muslim world riot.
Iran decides to hold a Holocaust cartoon contest in response.
Their first entry is from Brazil, a Catholic-turned-secular humanist country.
Another entry, now proven fraudulent, was submitted from Australia, which in the words of Vizzini "is entirely peopled with criminals."

A few questions for all of you astute minds out there. What does the Holocaust have to do with the Muslim cartoons? Why is Iran blaming the Jews? More to the point, why weren't the first submissions from any of the supposedly offended countries?


Central Content Publisher said...

The rationale behind the contest is this...

The West is run by Jews. The East is run by Islam. West insult Islam, then East insult Jew. It's that simple. It's that dumb.

Why the holocost? It's a soft spot for Jews. Nothing more.

It's in Iran's interests to give the appearence of support in western countries. There's nothing to be gained from showing a presence in countries already obviously muslim. So, cartoonists from western countries makes it appear that there are legion of rabid Muslims in the West.

Les Mackenzie said...


Didn't you get the 'Zionist weekly Conspiracy' newsletter letting you know what to write this week on your blog?


I'll mail you a copy.

John the Mad said...

I'm always left off the best mailing lists.

You mean it's the fault of the Jews? George Bush must be a Jew then.

Vewy vewy confusing.

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