Iran Wants the Bomb

This morning's news is that the UN nuclear watchdog reported Iran to the UN Security Council. They are concerned that Tehran's nuclear program may not be "exclusively for peaceful purposes."
Well, duh.
And, sorry to be cynical, but if Iran does get the bomb, they will not be interested in any Cold War either. They will be interested in obliterating all infidels offthe face of the earth...
... starting with Israel.

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Sean J. said...

When the question comes up:

"Why is it okay for nations like Russia and the US to have nuclear arms, but not Iran or North Korea"

The simple answer is, it's not okay. It's not okay for ANYONE to have nueclear arms, but you have to drop the morality and look at stability.

The US in particular has a heavy cache of nuclear arms, but they hope to never use them. They are there as a threat mechanism to maintain stability. Russia is more or less the same.

If a smaller country like Iran that can be justifiably called unstable were to start stockpiling nuclear weapons it wouldn't be to maintain stability.

Chances are, it would be to make the biggest possible crater out of the US/Britain/Isreal at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives and the global environment.

Who needs clean air when your just killing time till you get your hundred virgins and a cadillac.

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