Human Rights Tribunal Overhaul

I just heard on the radio that the provincial government is planning on overhauling the Human Rights Tribunal and Commission. Checking online, I see this is true. Part of the plan sounds like a good idea. I agree, things take to long, are inefficient and waste tax payer money.
However, I am not so certain that being able to file claims directly with the Human Rights Tribunal itself, instead of filing them with the Commission is such a good idea. The Tribunal has far too much power. We saw some examples of how bad things can be over the summer. I can't see how granting the Tribunal more power can possibly be a good thing.
This will be something to keep an eye on.

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PGP said...

The Human Rights Tribunals are nothing more than kangaroo courts intended to legitimize political correctness.

We live in a country with adequate laws and do not need institutions like this. They are a creation of nurse nanny ideological folly that exist for the sole purpose of creating a opportunities to create and impose laws without the rightfull act of legislation. They are therefore illegal and the only thing to do with them is to get rid of them.

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