Harper's Kids

Watching the swearing in of the new government, I can't help but wonder what Harper's kids are thinking. Oh to be a fly on the wall of their minds. His children look about 8 and 10 or so, and kids that age are just old enough to understand the abstract concept of Prime Ministerial responsibility, but not so old that they understand it in specific terms. They will feel the pressure of the media in a different way than an adult would.

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Sara said...

I thought the same thing, it was a nice thing though to see kids in Parliament again. They weren't the only kids there.
Did you notice his son stand up when his dad came in the room, his son had admiration all over his face.
So far Harper and his wife Maureen have not disapointed my family view of them and I am glad for that.

Very nice to see family's of all kinds in Parliament!

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