Google and China

Everyone should read this official post on Google's recent decision to launch Google.cn. Their new search engine will conform to China's censorship laws. Not surprisingly, this has caused some controversy.
I think Google's explanation for their decision is reasonable. I am happy that I do not have to make these sorts of decisions. My gut reaction would probably be "screw you, Chinese government" and that's probably not helpful.
To the Google head honchos: your motto "don't be evil" is definitely NOT arrogant.


Kelvin said...

Their decision to still show the fact that certain links are being censored is worth applauding. Better for Chinese surfers to be confronted by a pile of "This link is not available due to your government's censorship laws" than for then to go to Baidu or another local engine and happily pretend that nothing is going on.

Kelvin said...

Okay slight revision: they don't actually show link X but say that it's unavailable, but just slaps a disclaimer on the bottom that certain links are not shown to conform to local regulations. Certainly not as effective as I would've thought, but better than nothing.

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