Garth Turner: His True Opinion

Luke 6:45 says ...out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Every so often, someone will open their mouth and say something sending the truth of this verse home.
February 12 was such a day for Garth Turner. He posts the following comment on his blog:
...how could I do otherwise? I was the prime minister in microcosm, and they were acting as one group to assist me.
The sheer vanity of this statement greatly surprised me. That he sees himself as anything close to a Prime Ministerial Figure should concern all of his constituents. This is not a man who has their best interests at heart. This is a man who, above all, desires power. If he did not, he would not have referred to himself in this way. It is troubling that he sees himself as the focal point of this group. He is not there to serve his constituents; he is there to be served. Those who surround hims are there to help him on to greatness.
What makes his statement even worse is his comment mere paragraphs ago:
It's not about the member. It's about the team.
It is hypocritical on two counts. The first is that by his words he shows that his team is all about him. He is not there for the team; they are there for him. Secondly, Turner's entire reaction thusfar has shown that he is not there for the Conservative team. He is there for himself and the furtherance of his political career.
I have to say, I am grateful Turner is not the representative for my riding. I would have to vote CHP in the next election.


Brandon said...

Well said Ruth.

DJeffery said...

Speaking of 'by his words':

Faith Walker said...

I couldn't finish reading that post it was so full of hot air. I live close to Garth's riding and was rooting for him as a Conservative candidate. Now that I know more of him, I have to wonder if we are better off with an MP like this. He is going on and on and on about how justified his actions were/are and it is really terrible. I am not buying it...he seems like a real manipulator to me. I wish he would just get over himself and do his job.

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