Emerson Defects

David Emerson, former Liberal, has defected to the Conservative Party. He will be receiving a position in Cabinet. Not surprisingly, someone brought up Belinda Stronach. There is a difference between the two, however. Emerson is not doing this the night before a vote that could topple the government. He is making his intentions known at the creation of the government.
Having said that, I still think that, if a MP wishes to cross the floor there should be a by-election. Most people vote for the party, not the individual.


Shabbadoo said...

I don't mind him defecting so much as I despise him being rewarded with a cab post. Smacks of bribery, whether true or not.

You're right, that there is a difference between Emerson and Stronach, but not a huge difference.

Ruth said...

I don't think bribery is the correct word. It would mean that the Conservatives went to him and said "if you defect, then we'll give you a cabinet position." I have my doubts as to whether or not that happened... and that's clearly what did happen with Ms. Stronach.
Instead, I think it indicates that the Conservatives may be dangerously toeing a line I wish they weren't. Because of the problems with the last Liberal governments, they need to distinguish themselves, to distance themselves from anything that even remotely looks like Liberal behaviour. Giving Emerson a Cabinet position comes too close to that line.

gwilliamjr said...

It sucks. I dont like it. I didnt like what Belinda did and I dont like the Prime Minister letting it happen....but...I do like the fact that Mr. Harper can play the game....maybe put us on an even playing field with Liberals.

Shane said...

I personally have no problem with it. Parties in Canada have a long tradition of accepting defectors. He was made a minister for obvious reasons that can be separated from any patronage. He is Albertan and he has experience in Cabinet at the federal level.

This is not nearly the same as the Stronach thing or even the Grewal thing if you want to talk about that. It was a deal struck to save a government that was doomed. It was saving the bacon of a man who deserved to have his government collapse. It was self-serving and ridiculous, and Stronach had no qualifications for Cabinet whatsoever. This man eminently does.

I am also interested if Emerson is socially conservative. I haven't been able to ascertain that. As a Liberal cabinet member he would have been whipped into voting for SSM - would he have voted for if he had not been whipped?

Ruth said...

I am pretty sure he is a small-c conservative on some level. I'd have to look up what his views are.

gwilliamjr@aol.com said...

So now we start justifying like Liberals...why oh why did I spend all that time on blogs, helping my candidate when...today, we are no different than the Liberals are. Want to know why Canadians were timid to vote C...it took us 1 hour to screw up!!! I am very very upset today...we were supposed to have a different set of values...we were supposed to set the bar higher...the people who voted in Emmerson were robbed today...you cannot justify it any way else...they were robbed of their MP by Emmerson himself and by Stephen Harper's Conservatives...to which I was very very proud of. This just sucks!! And the more I think about it the more it just sucks!!!
In tomorrow's papers we will be a joke...Liberal Tory same old story!! Feel free to try to change my mind...but my morals and ethics dont change from day to day, situation to situation....I cant believe we did this....this is dumb dumb dumb dumb!!!

Les Mackenzie said...

Please don't paint us all with the same brush - I think Emerson should be turfed until a By-election is called.

Even then I don't like the thought of him sitting on the bench.

gwilliamjr said...

Hate to say I told you so...headline in the Toronto sun today..Liberal Tory..same old story....sheeeeesh!! Lets see..the power of the Prime Ministers office is now more powerful than a group of voters in a riding in BC...if this was on the other foot we would riot!!! I AM SO DISALUSIONED!!!! I dont drink or smoke but I may start today.

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