Drug Use and Body Image

Canada.com has an article on the rising use of meth among teenage girls. Apparently, young girls are using it to help them lose weight. I have two points I want to make on this topic.
My first point is that our society needs to change its focus from outward appearance to inner beauty. This will probably never happen; external focus has been a problem in the world since the dawn of time. Anorexia, bulemia and now drug use are only the most recent problems. There used to be fat farms (yes, fat was in once) and corsets into which you could squish your guts and cause permanent damage to your body. It is my belief that every parent has the responsibility to teach their daughters (and sons too, but let's face it: this is predominantly a girl's issue) that their beauty should not be skin deep. Strength of character, integrity, wit and intelligence are far more valuable and will take you farther in the long run than a pretty face will.
My second point is on drug use. This is an issue that hits close to home for me, so I will not be writing very much about it. I just want to say that until you have seen someone under the effects of meth, you can't possibly understand just how bad it really is. Don't let the article fool you; although it may be cheaper per hit than cocaine or heroine, it is equally as devastating (if not more) and in the long run will consume just as much of an addicts monetary resources. The effects on the brain take time to repair, if they can be repaired at all. Given the drug's growing popularity however, it would be naive for a parent to assume that they can protect their child forever. All you can do is arm them with knowledge and pray.
Give your children backbone. Teach them to resist peer-pressure, to avoid group-think. These, and prayer, are your only weapons.


Rob said...

We need to teach self esteem and confidence in our society. God doesn't make junk. As we continue to relax the war on drugs this continues. Legalizing pot increases the next step up in the drug chain. My best freind in high school did pot only for several years and turn from a very bright individual to a moron.
Dr Amen has lots of brain study see here.

Faith Walker said...

I find it a worrisome task at times to be raising two little girls in this current culture. My husband and I are discussing whether or not to put our eldest daughter into junior kindergarten in the fall. I am leaning more toward home-schooling now, and your post underscores the problematic issues that arise when kids are put in a group setting and taught to "conform." I'm not against public school actually, I am just wary of it. Anyhow, I heard once that people develop their morality by the age of 12 and after that you are just guiding and influencing them. Looking back at my life, I see there is some truth to this. I want to build a solid foundation for my girls (and future kids) right now, so that they know they have inherent value, that they are loved by God. I believe that it is when we lose sight of our connection with God (as happened with Adam and Eve) that we start looking for fulfilment in the wrong places. This often turns into an unhealthy focus on self and results in either egoism or self-hatred, or a combination of the two.

Ruth said...

Have you considered Christian education? My husband and I will not be sending our children (we only have one right now, but plan to have more) to the public system. We are saving up so that we can send them to the local Christian school.

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