Dark Chocolate = Healthy

This is exactly the sort of news I love to wake up to!
Dark chocolate has health benefits!
But whatever.
Called CocoaVia, the products are made with a kind of dark chocolate high in flavanols, an antioxidant found in cocoa beans that is thought to have a blood-thinning effect similar to aspirin and may even lower blood pressure. The snacks also are enriched with vitamins and injected with cholesterol-lowering plant sterols from soy.
I heard this once before, that dark chocolate is healthier for you that milk chocolate. To be frank, I prefer it anyway. Have you ever had the 75% or 80% dark chocolate from Lindt? <fans self at thought> It is so awesome. Have you ever had it with a glass of wine? <faints>
The crux of the issue though, is this bit.
"Chocolate . . . is the number one flavour ingredient in the world," said Jimmy Cass, Mars' vice-president of marketing. "Heart health is the No. 1 concern of adults over the age of 40 in every civilized nation. Putting those two together is automatically a big idea."
Let's face it, as awesome as I think it is that they are making healthy chocolate to cater to health conscious chocolate lovers (and we do exist), really, this is all about marketing.

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