Breast Implants

I didn't know until this morning that silicon breast implants are banned in Canada. I am not surprised, given that there is a high risk of health problems associated with silicon implants. Quite frankly, unless a woman has had surgery due to cancer or some other major issue, I see no reason to get implants.
Plastic surgeons and insecure women disagree with me.
Canadian cosmetic surgeons have been stretching the conditions outlined by Health Canada's Special Access Programme to help patients obtain the banned device. According to Health Canada's website: The Special Access Programme (SAP) provides access to non-marketed drugs for practitioners treating patients with serious or life-threatening conditions when conventional therapies have failed, are unsuitable, or unavailable.
And what do you suppose the "serious" and "life-threatening" reasons given for obtaining breast implants are?
..."small breasts" and "slight rippling of the skin through saline implants...
It's not like these women are even getting implants because they lost their breasts altogether due to cancer. I mean, I could respect that.
But small breasts?
And listen to this guy!
What is a legitimate reason to override a Health Canada safety ban? "A thin lady with very thin skin and not a lot of fat or breast tissue," said Dr. Dupre.
Health Canada isn't much better though.
"...We're not approving them. We're actually authorizing their release..." So, just one question. If authorizing their release isn't an approval, just what is it?


Sara said...

I agree! one question for you though (no i'm not a religious fanatic or anti-gay).

Pregnancy does not put a mother at risk 99.9% of the time. So why does Canada's health care cover it, should it not be under cosmetic surgery?

I'm not saying get rid of it. What I'm asking if its not a health risk then why isn't it cosmetic surgery?

Unknown said...

I am not sure I understand your question. Are you suggesting that there is no difference between giving birth and getting breast implants?
Not all non-cosmetic surgeries are performed for health risk reasons. In any case, giving birth does not necessarily require surgery.

Sara said...

You need an operation to have an abortion even though being pregnant is not a health risk...

Sara said...

I'm saying breast implants are ridiculous.

I feel the same way about abortion surgery, we pay for it with taxes even though it should be considered cosmetic surgery.

Unknown said...

Ok. That makes sense. Your original post said nothing about abortion. I agree with your point on it.

Sara said...

whooops sorry, I'm on advil for a sprained wrist so I get a bit dopey sry...

The Brigadier, Red Ensign Brigade said...

I'm in favour of allowing people to do whatever they want to do with their bodies (which I guess separates me from a lot of conservatives in the 'sphere), but on their own nickel, and not at public expense.

Sara said...

i see that in daycare as well, I stay at home and pay for others to use daycare...

Anonymous said...

First off there is no ban on Saline implants because if they burst or leak it is only sterilized salt-water , and with cremation getting greater to cut costs for funerals it is a serious enviromental concern for implants and pace-makers that aren't reported by the family.

As for the Abortion issue it is so ironic that while females want the State to fund it as a Social benefit to avoid the costs later on , the same females "Choose" to have a baby and also want the State to fund every step and then Education and provide Health Care
when they had the option of an Abortion .

Single people and childless couples should not be forced to pay for a womens Choice to have kids , it's a Charter Right violation to force people to pay for a service that is not available to everyone equally.
The days of the freebees is coming to an end because the old system was for 2-parent families
with one working , so Schooling and Health Issues were for the future adults that benefitted Canada .

Today we see Canada becoming a Immigrant driven growth and Adults are coming in with several kids or to create children under a system they never paid into as if it's all Free by some magical secret only the Liberals in Ottawa are privy to .
When 75%+ of the retired people or long-term care are Canadians that were born here to canadian parents , and while Toronto and canada becomes a Mojority-Immigrant population , do you really think that the current hatred for White-canadains will wane if Politics opens the door to Minority groups that want a Scapegoat to blame for all their shortcomings so they can come to power .

Abortion has already numbed our concience for devaluing life in the womb by the new definition for Human or the Quality Of Life , so just imagine another generation lowering the bar further and wanting to end State Health-Care
with the threat of allowing the putting down of the elderly and sick that drain the funds from Healthy people needing care .
Science has been used to ID the Gene's for some birth defect issues to warn the parents of what will be needed after the birth, but now we see 90% of the females are using it to abort the Burden
on them and Society.
We now pay for the Health costs from these Gang-bangers punks shooting each other and injuring civilian bystanders , Skiers and Climbers cost millions from rescues created by themselves and expect full health care if injured which includes a Helicopter to a Hospital and extensive spinal care or Hospital stays.

Wake-up people , Layton, Chetien and Martin used a private Clinic
because THEY saw their problems as serious and couldn't wait in line with us commoners since we don't understand how important their job is.
Sports teams have private Doctors and instant MRI or surgery access while most of us can't afford a night out to watch the Leafs from a good set of Reds.
Health Care isn't FREE , and the average family pays about $500.00
a month for it but because we don't actually see the bill we keep voting for Liberals that promising to protect the Heath care system they themselves don't use.

Anonymous said...

Silicone breast implants are not banned in Canada. I am currently sporting a freshly minted pair right now after swapping them out for saline ones 2 months ago.

You shouldn't be so flippant with your accusations of insecurity, unless you leave the house each day without doing your hair, wearing any makeup, or looking in the mirror at all.

What is more shallow -- a woman who does what she's comfortable with, to improve her appearance in her own eyes, or a woman who harshly judges others for choices she self-righteously deems as ridiculous?

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