Voting Day!

I never thought I'd be excited about an election. Tomorrow, the government of Canada will be different. My hope is for a Conservative majority. Yesterday on Question Period, John Duffy claimed the Liberals would still win it. Liberal values are mainstream Canadian values.
What Canada is he living in?
After church yesterday, my husband and I went for coffee at his Oma and Opa's place. Despite being practically blind, Opa doesn't miss anything. Although he votes for the CHP, both he and Oma like to keep themselves aware of all the issues. They used to volunteer at the polling station near them in elections gone by. Opa asked me the all important question: why are people so afraid of the Conservatives? I explained to him about Liberal tactics and the fear people have of any sort of party that may have Christians in it and so on.
He didn't have much to say in response. To him it is clear that these are lies. Why would he listen to them? Years in war camp during WWII harden you against mindless propaganda, I am sure. They also reinforce your need to vote. Oma and Opa are both past 80, but they will be walking to their polling station today to make their voices heard.
I hope that the younger generations will do the same.
It is our democratic duty, after all.
And speaking of duty, Canada.com has an excellent article on voting and why your vote really does matter in this election. Here is what they have to say:
...the situation today is not the same as it was in 2004. Canada's political parties are offering very different visions. The campaign has been heated and full of fresh ideas. And across the country, races are expected to be so close that just a handful of votes could make the difference... In a whole range of areas, including defence policy, crime and foreign policy, and even on how best to accommodate regional aspirations within the federation, there are yawning differences between the parties. In light of this, if Canadian voters still conclude that none of the parties represents their views or values, then it is likely because they have none. As for the argument that votes don't count anyway, one need only consider the most recent poll results that show a large number of ridings still in play. Indeed, in many constituencies... there are tight three-way races. How these votes break down region by region tonight will decide which party will form the next government and whether that government will be a majority or a minority. If there is ever to be an election where an individual's vote will really count, this is it... Fundamentally, a sense of civic duty should be enough to compel people to vote. The struggle for political rights was conducted not over decades but over centuries, and on occasion that right has had to be fiercely defended at enormous cost. In nations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, that fight goes on. Just because our right to vote was won long ago does not make it any less precious today... If there are Canadians who choose not to vote today, it is not because the system is the problem, it is because they are the problem.
I could not have said it better myself. I once wrote about the importance of doing your democratic duty. I stand by my opinion that although our system has flaws, if people don't vote, the system can't work at all. We very quickly move from having a few kinks to having a total disaster. There is no reason for not going to the polls; there is no reason for not voting. You have a gift, a power that people under dictatorial regime's dream of. In Iraq, they face suicide bombers to do their duty.
What complaint can you possibly have?
Our forefathers fought and died for our rights.
Do not disappoint them.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's just me, but when I saw men and women holding their finger up, indicating that they'd voted, I had tears in my eyes.

Bombs, gun fire and ongoing terror did't stop them. A thing of beauty is was.

I'm kinda short with folks that don't want to vote.


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