Voter Turnout

I just went and did my democratic duty. The polling clerk mentioned that there has been a steady flow of people all day. He seemed to think that voter turnout is higher so far this year than it was during the 2004 election. At least in my area, we have the weather to thank. It is a beautiful day out, and people have no excuse.


Cate said...

Harper Wants to Take Away Rights

Engulfed within the Conservative election platform is the promise that the Conservative government plans to remove the rights of prisoners to vote. It happens to fall under their "Stand Up For Security" heading.

Considering that Harper wantes to remove the right of women to have an abortion, same-sex couples to choose whether or not to get married, this comes as no shock. What the Conservative agenda stands for is removal of choice from persona who are already oppressed. I would't be surprized if he had the decision to include women definition of 'person' appealed on the grounds that they just shouldn't have to worry about silly little things like voting, opening bank accounts, chosing whether or not to wear pants, working outside the home, feeding their children or learning to read and write. Perhaps he'll start stoning women who get raped or have children out of wedlock.

What makes me laugh is that crime has risen in Canada as a result of Conservative funding cuts to social services. What makes me laugh even harder is that he figures that every person receiving income support is lazy and does not want to work. He neglects to take into account that women have not got equal access to the workforce, make $0.75 to every dollar that a man makes, and that many people receiving income support are not physically or mentally capable of holding a job.

What also makes me laugh is that he is a Christian. Now, is it not a tenement of Christian values to love your neighbour? I guess the only neighbours that count to Stephen Harper are the rich ones that are already privileged. What he doesn't get is that we are all people and none of us should have to be relegated into poverty and starvation. I like the fact that I can vote and run for political office. I like the fact that inmates can vote. I like the fact that my tax dollars go towards helping those who are not able to work for whatever reason. I would like to see more of my tax dollars paying parents for the work they do at home--money they have rightfully earned through their work that contributes to our economy.

Ruth said...

Boy, have you asked for it.

Rob said...

Your freedom of marijuana law is effecting your brain!
Steven a Christian want's to hold a free vote on a issue many canadians have issue with INCLUDING a pile of Liberals and NDPers. I'm not going to tell a woman she can't have an abortion, but not allowing her to have a serious discussion & or counciling before she takes that step is ludicrous. CANADA is one of few countries that does not require this. It's well known that women have tons of psychological issues with this years after making this decision, (usually because they were uninformed teenagers when they did). How many abortions is a woman entitled to, can she use it as a form of birth control? who pays for the cost of multiple abortions, and or complications after the fact. To NOT look at the whole picture is irrisponsible. Women need to have access to ALL the information and should have access to ALL the help they need. Morgantaler just wants McDonalds stile drive through where he makes a fortune, and NEVER has to deal with the issues afterwords. I personally know three women who have many issues with the system after getting pregnant as a teenager and then whisked through the system for an abortion without having any long term issues discussed at all.
One of them now councils women who deal with regret their entire adult life. She knows, shes one of them.
BTW Steven follows his morals of being a Christian, Paul on the other hand says he is a Catholic, but is he anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-divorce, and against women holding power. And does he support systematic organized (read crime) cover up of pedophiles. He's just not telling us. May be he's only Lying about being a Catholic?

Wilber said...


My daughter who has two children has to work 3 days a week to support her family. She will never qualify for daycare under the LIberal scheme. $2400 a year will be a huge blessing to her. Paul Martin is Pro-Life so what's your beef there. I am Pro-choice by the way and I beleive Harper has been more honest than Martin. You know what, I am not a christian, I beleive in God, I went to Sunday school and church when I was younger, but do not anymore, but I am sick and tired of people like you that try to alienate or marginilise a portion of Canadians because of their belief in God. We do not need that kind of discorse in our country. Our social programs in Ontario were cut because of Martin huge cut in transfer payments. You cannot honestly beleive that that did not have a hugr affect. If you cannot see that your blinkers must be pretty tight.

Roy Eappen said...

Cate seems to have forgotten that Martin the multimillionaire pretends to be Catholic. Her diatribe is actually just very silly and sad. it is actually not worth talking about it much. These are the ramblings of a person with no intellect , values or morals.

Rob Somers said...

"I just went and did my democratic duty. The polling clerk mentioned that there has been a steady flow of people all day. He seemed to think that voter turnout is higher so far this year than it was during the 2004 election. At least in my area, we have the weather to thank. It is a beautiful day out, and people have no excuse."

Yes, my wife and I just returned from voting. Voter turnout at our polling station was quite high apparently.

As for Cate's comments about choice.. I, along with many other Canadians, did not choose to have the definition of marriage changed. So what about us? Do we not have rights too? Truth is, so called human rights ought to never be considered before God's law is. Unfortunately, our politicians do not seem to understand this.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34

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