Two Tier Society, Two Tier Pay

I have yet more proof that Ottawa is out of touch with the common man. My husband sent me a link to this article at the CBC. Allow me to highlight some of the more interesting points.
Canadian MPs' salaries through history:
1991: $64,400 + $21,300 allowance
2000: $68,200 + $22,500 allowance
2001: $131,400

That's right folks. In one year, the Liberals doubled their salary.
Salary comparison :
Notable Canadians
Ed Clark(CEO TD Bank) $7.9 million
Average NHL player $1.8 million
Prime Minister Paul Martin $284,122
David Miller (mayor of Toronto) $142,539
Canadian MP $141,000
Alberta teacher $43,548 - $74,146
Manitoba nurse $50,141.789(40-hour week)
New Brunswick minimum wage earner (as of Jan. 1, 2005) $13,104 (40-hour week)

That's right. In addition to his multibillion dollar shipping company that he doesn't pay enough taxes on because he ports his ships in Singapore, Paul Martin makes over $280,000 a year. And this guy thinks that $1,200 a year per kid is peanuts!! Hello! For the minimum wage earner in New Brunswick, that is a wage increase of 10%! That's huge! Imagine if they have more than one kid!
It makes me want to tear my hair out in frustration!
Please also keep in mind the extremely relevant fact that there are a million tax loopholes for government workers. It's not like an average citizen making $280k or $141k and having half taken in taxes! Oh no! These guys have ways to keep most of their money. And they want an increase to $155,000 for the average MP and $230,000 for cabinet ministers.
Meanwhile we, the taxpaying peon who funds their lavish salaries and expenses, get the privilege of struggling by on less than a third of the average backbenching MP income. The minimum wage earner in New Brunswick gets less than a tenth!!
Yay Canada!

See?! See?! Gaaaahhh!!!

1 comment:

PGP said...

Yep they sure do know how to line their own pockets don't they?
As for the "peanuts" comment he's telling the truth.....compared to what the LIberals would have to spend to actually create the State Run Nurse Nanny Preschools they proposed!

We can't get rid of these clowns fast enough in my opinion!

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