Two Tier Society, Two Tier Olympic Treatment

In keeping with my theme on the growing divide between the governed and the governing, I'd like to direct your attention to this article published in the Globe and Mail back in July of 2002.
Canadians took a bath on the Jacuzzi-equipped suite reserved for Mr. DeVillers, Secretary of State for Amateur Sport, paying more than $24,000 for it to sit empty for seven nights during the Games... Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act by Ottawa researcher Ken Rubin show that the government spent almost $400,000 on accommodations during the Olympics for politicians and Canadian sport functionaries...
Yes, that does say $400k for the week. It also says taxpayer money paid $24,00 for a room to sit empty. That's right. $24,000 of our money went nowhere and we do not get a refund.
International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge and Canada's Winter Olympians stayed in Spartan university residences at Salt Lake City... The Canadian Snowboard Federation received a paltry $15,000 in federal funding during 2000-2001, leading up to the Salt Lake Games; when Ross Rebagliati won the first Olympic gold for that sport at Nagano in 1998, the federation wasn't even recognized by the federal funding agency... The cash-strapped women's cross-country ski team boosted its training fund between the Nagano and Salt Lake Games by marketing a calendar depicting the athletes nude... Last year, the national cross-country-ski team had a $350,000 budget — less than the amount spent in three weeks on the government's hotel rooms — and national cross-country coach Dave Wood said the team expected a post-Olympic funding cutback.
Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
Yay Canada!

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Anonymous said...

Well, that's all fun and games, and
it's not really new when it comes to a liberal gov't. But our athletes did pretty good in Salt Lake City didn't they? Allan.

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