Two Tier Justice, Two Tier Society

Last night on the Michael Coren Show, freelance writer David Menzies made an interesting and important point about the justice system in Canada. He compared the responses to the Boxing Day shooting of 15 year old Jane Creba and the subway mugging of MP Pierre Pettigrew by an insane man. I did not agree with the way he made his point per se, but I did understand and agree with his underlying message.
Violent gun crimes against the average citizen have largely been ignored by our politicians. An insane man is harshly dealt with for merely mugging a poweful politician. Those guilty of gun crimes are often released on bail and go on to offend further. This mugger was denied bail because he was considered to be a "ticking time bomb." What makes a mugger more harmful to society than someone with a gun who has already shot someone? I cannot think of anything.
Why do we have such a gap in our justice system? Are the powerful more entitled to protection from criminals than the average citizen? Why was rehabilitation not the first option for the mugger suffering from a mental disorder? Liberals, both party members and those with more liberal ethics, suggest rehabilitation for violent criminals all the time.
I have talked about the growing divide between the goverened and the governing before. We have seen it in the health care system, gas taxes and in the application of the law. It concerns me greatly that the divide now appears to extend to who is punished for what crimes against whom. What makes the average citizen less worthy of protection from harm?
Politicians, and Liberals in particular, are out of touch with the problems faced by the averags citizen. Paul Martin knocks the Conservative plan to give families $100 a month per child, calling it peanuts. The problem is that, to him, it is peanuts. This is a man that can afford to spend $240 on a Christmas wreath. He has no idea of the struggles an average family faces. The man owns a shipping company and doesn't pay taxes on his ships because he registers them in Singapore for crying out loud. For the rest of us, this is called tax evasion! Similarly, health care is of no importance to him at all! He can afford to (and does) pay for private care. Any arguments regarding his party saving private care for the rest of us cannot possibly be anything more than mere platitudes.
And now we see the same attitude in the application of law.
Canadians should be concerned by this.
The Liberal party is, in effect, creating a class system in Canada. They are dictating who is worth protecting and who is not. The well being of the average citizen is not their primary concern. In fact, I would doubt it's even their secondary concern. You, the taxpayer, are near the bottom of their list, and this is especially true if you do not carry a Liberal Party membership card.


Mark said...

Great post, Ruth. You hit the nail on the head: we have two tier everything, do we not?

Road Hammer said...

What is sickening is that Canadians seem to not care about who makes the rules and who benefits from them, as long as their individual standard of living increases incrementally year over year.

Menzies is a little twisted, though. He said that he hopes that a loved one of Anne McLellan or Paul Martin becomes a victim of gun violence so that way, something will get done. That's way too far out there.

Ruth said...

The way Menzies made his point was very unfortunate. From what I have seen though, he does seem prone to extreme reactions. It would have been better, and certainly more appropriate, to have said "I wonder how they would respond if..."

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