Two Tier Health Care

I'd like to start the day of with a real-life example of our two tier health care system. Despite what Paul Martin tells you, we do have two tier health in this country. The rich and the poor are not treated as equals, and you get what you do (or do not) pay for.
My husband's co-worker recently became a dad. Unlike myself, his wife remained in the hospital for a week after delivery. It cost him over $200/day out of pocket to have a semi-private room. The free, non-private room fit 5-6 beds in one big room. Semi-private rooms have only 2 beds. Private rooms have only one bed. The cost varies from hospital to hospital
This begs the question: do poor people not like or deserve privacy also?
What if, and thankfully this was not the case, a woman had no choice to stay in a hospital after pregnancy due to complications?
Relative to other issues in our health care system (such as wait times), privacy is perhaps not the most important problem facing us. However, it does provide a very clear example of the fact that two tier care already exists in some form. If all Canadians are entitled to the same treatment, then this treatment should include the level of privacy given to a patient.


Mark said...


Don't burst the bubble.... :-)

Jesse Gritter Online said...

Hi Ruth.

My brother and sister-in-law were able to get a private room for all their deliveries because of the plan they have with the CLAC. So, yes, two-tier is already here.

Say hi to Anton and Eden for me.

Ruth said...

We don't have extra coverage. It's a good thing I was able to go home. In light of the cost of a room, we would not have been able to afford one for me.

Anonymous said...

We have more than a two tier Health care system in this country; we have a multi tier system. Sooner the Politician realizes that our Health care system doesn't work the sooner we can actually fix it.

Anonymous said...

A whole cartload of money is taken off my paycheque for "non-insured" health-care via a company plan.
I've paid "tray fees" for minor procedure (wart removal) done in a doctor's office
I've paid full-fee for a medical doctor to remove papillomae at an "esthetic" clinic.
In Manitoba, clients of the Workers Compensation Board are given priority for MRIs and other tests
I pay for dentistry not covered by my paid health plan, and for eye exams and glasses
How many "tiers" are we up to now?
My father was a doctor - being a medical insider can open doors, speed the process and generally "jump the queue" if need be.
Anyone I know with more money than patience goes to the U.S. anyway.
"Private" clinics operate widely in most provinces - and that includes abortion "clinics"
Most medical doctors and clinics are "private" businesses already, they just bill one payer is all.
And the tiers go on ...
Real people know this - politicians and the media just keep propagating the lie.

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