Stolen Election: Recount Requested

Stories like this one are disturbing, to say the least.
"We got reports of things like the Liberals driving around and threatening Natives that they wouldn't get their cheque if they didn't vote Liberal, reports we had from individuals of plans to stuff ballot boxes. "Even the last poll, somehow it took three-and-a-half hours to count the last poll and lo and behold, it was nearly 100 per cent turnout, all of which went Liberal, just enough votes to go over the top... there were problems with voters not receiving their identification cards or being directed to vote in the wrong area... the campaign only received the voting list a day before the election, not the three days stipulated by law, he added. Harrison added his campaign did not have scrutineers at all of the polling stations on the reserves because of the remote locations. Third-place finisher Anita Jackson of the NDP said her office also received complaints about Liberal tactics, and she supports a recount and an investigation. "These are things we need to check on. With so much at stake, people may engage in conduct that's not above board," Jackson said.
I sincerely hope this comes to nothing. It would be a tragedy if the Liberals have committed electoral fraud. Even if it is in only one riding, it would call into question our entire system. I consider this to be very, very serious. We should know by Thursday the results of the recount.


Anonymous said...

It is not just the far North that has had reports of problems.
Just north of the GTA we are currently gathering some infoemation as well.

More to follow

Tamara said...

I hope it comes to something, and not because it would mean one more seat for the Conservatives.

There are serious problems with the voting process in this country - proof of residency, identity, or even citizenship is hardly ever requested by poll clerks. I have friends who are landed immigrants who got voting cards (because they filed income taxes, they were on the list). Anyone who gets an extra card in their mailbox could vote twice. I know that there are people on the list twice, with slightly different spellings of their name or a middle initial added. Basically, the honour system is the only thing keeping our system legitimate.

If something did come of this investigation, it would be a great incentive to tighten up the system. At the very least, making people show photo ID with their address or ID plus some current mail would cut down on double-voting.

Anonymous said...

I was a first time voter in this election, and was very distressed at how easy it is to vote... I showed up with photo ID, birth certificate, registration, and my mail card because I ASSUMED and EXPECTED that in the interest of democracy I would be required to prove who I was.

I walked in, gave them my mail card, and they gave me a ballot. Easy as that.

I could have easily stolen cards out of peoples mail boxes and voted several times at different polls, if I wanted to.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thought of that, as there were reports around here of people going to the polls only to find out that they, or more accurately someone using their identity, had already cast a ballot.

Ruth said...

I know that when I went to vote, I took my photo ID with me and was told it wasn't needed (eventhough it says on your voter card to please bring photo id).
It's a bit disturbing that there are discrepancies like this in more than one riding.

Sean J. said...

There is no doubt that Elections Canada has been .... somewhat lacking for years now.

As mentioned, they rarely ask for proper identification.

Recalling a story from the post a while back, a statement from elections canada on a polling station issue made clear that they knew they were breaking regulations and weren't really concerned.

All of these issues though are quite seperate from some of the dirty Liberal tactics I've heard about.

Although I haven't been able to confirm this...

A CPC candidate was apparently accused on a radio program of sexual abuse. No such records existed and the accusing call was traced to the Liberal candidate's campaign office.

Locally (I can confirm this) the Liberal candidate made up rumours that the CPC candidate had abused his wife and been criminally charged several times. Both accusations were easily proven false, but you can't make people un-hear.

So, to hear about these threats and ditry tactics isn't at all surprising.

Anonymous said...

Voter irregularities are not limited to one party or another. Reports have circulated in my riding that the incumbent Conservative member was shaking hands with voters at the polling station. This behaviour, if true, is clearly a violation of election protocol, and would mean that the individual in question would have to forfeit his seat.

I'm all for electoral reform; voting is a crucially important part of a democratic society. But let's not assume that the Liberals are the only ones capable of corruption. Remember Brian Mulroney's government? Grant Devine's?

Sean J. said...

You're right, voting issues aren't just limited to one party.

The candidate you mention, whether deliberately breaking the rules or not, should not have been allowed to be there.

This is why I think it's important not to confuse problems due to elections canada and the their lack of enforcement with disgracefull actions by one candidate or another.

The guy shaking hands at he polling station, well, it's hard to say whether he knowingly broke the rules if nobody told him he couldn't do it. I'd say this is an elections canada issue.

Threatning or bribing voters and spreading false allogations about other candidates...

Definately a candidate issue, not an elections canada issue and in the examples brought to me thus far they were Liberal candidates.

Conservative candidates may have misbehaved during their campaign, I don't know. I haven't seen any examples of it. So far it's only been Liberal candidates that have been brought to my attention.

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