Spy vs. Spy, My Mole vs. Yours

Apparently, both the Conservatives and the Liberals are suffering from leaks.
According to this article at CTV:
"There is a mole. It's sabotage," a top Liberal insider told CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife.
Truth or paranoia? The belief is that whoever the mole is, they are out to sabotage Martin, and could possibly be a Chretien loyalist. The article goes on to say that there was also a leak regarding Martin's education plan. It makes me wonder if the Liberals will try to use this mole as their excuse for the Income Trust Scandal. I wouldn't put it past them.
Despite the claims of the PoliticsWatch article, I could not find any other references to a mole in the Conservative party. If anyone has anything to add, I'd be curious to hear it.


Les Mackenzie said...

Yes, it was a secret Conservative "sleeper cell" that was waiting for the right time to spring thier devious trap.

That's the ticket!

Ruth said...

Maybe it's Belinda Stronach

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