Spending Cuts

The Toronto Star is running an article on the price tag of spending promises. The headline reads: "With Ottawa awash in surpluses, all three parties are ready to spend." I'd like to point out that only the Tory spending (or not spending) policies are discussed.
The article makes a comment I'd like to address.
...the $22.7 billion surplus is almost entirely based on Conservative plans to hold back the growth in spending in most government departments...
Why is this a bad thing?
Are we really so used to the government throwing millions of dollars away on programs that don't suit our needs that we as Canadians have grown to accept it as normal? Consider the taxes we pay. Then consider the services we receive in exchange for those taxes. I must confess, every time I see an "adopt a road program" sign or I get a flier for a fundraiser for the hospital just up the road from me, I wonder why it is that extra money needs to be collected. The taxes I pay are already supposed to be going to this.
I would like to see our government make do with less. If I have to stretch a dollar to learn to get by, then they can learn to do the same.

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