Red Ensign Standard #35

Red Ensign Standard #35

Blogging, Politics and the Media: Why We Matter

In the days leading up to the election, it has become apparent that bloggers have had some affect both in the political sphere and in the media. Our impact was most keenly felt this week, when the Blogging Tories came under attack by Carol Jamieson and Eugene Parks; both are well known for their antagonistic behaviour. Although not everyone in the Red Ensign is a member of this group, many of us are and all of us are at least aware of its existence. It is not surprising then that a significant portion of Red Ensign members had something to say on this allegation.
It was noted by a few that the mainstream media seems unable to cope with what they perceive to be "The Great Blogging Threat." Average individuals are now able to research a story and write about their findings. Many do this with greater professionalism and less bias than the media. The media has been challenged many times on their slanted coverage of a particular story. Bloggers also will often cover stories that are barely noticed by the media at all.
With respect to conservative bloggers, there would appear to be a growing fear that they are "pawns" of the Conservative Party. A similar fear is held regarding bloggers in the US, and unfortunately some believe that Canadian conservatives intellectually bow to their US counterparts, abandoning their reasoning for partisanship. This fear was evidenced in an extremely slanted story posted at Canada.com and its subsequent parroting by the Liberal Party. Free speech, it would seem, is not a Liberal value. Everyone forgot that Elections Canada decided, at the start of the election, that political blogging would not be in violation of the Elections Act and therefore it would not be hampered or stopped in anyway. In any case, both the Liberals and the NDP have blogging communities of their own. To suggest that one group is too partisan while ignoring the others is hypocrisy at its finest.
It is also mistakenly believed that the majority of conservative political bloggers are white men. There is an undying belief that women can't have conservative values, as we are visible minorities (ironic, since we make up about 50% of the population). This belief is, naturally, not shared by conservative women. There would appear to be no convincing the left, however.

In the dying days of the election campaign, the Liberals have begun to show their desperation. Their most infamous misstep was the release of a series of attack ads against the Conservatives. The worst ad was the since-pulled military ad. Red Ensign members expressed their opinion of these ads in a series of humourous ad parodies. The parodies were not limited to ads; there were also cartoons, Photoshops, Flash movies and other graphics. Derision is not an unusual response to Liberal antics, especially when they involve Paul Martin.

Some members wrote about local campaign issues and offered their elections predictions and analysis. Views on the campaign and election results were as varied as our group; some focused on particular ridings and others focused on the different parties.

It should be a matter of pride for all political bloggers that they have the power to influence events, to hold the media to account. All political bloggers should feel a need to strive for excellence in their writing; you, and not the media, are the voice of the common man. Unlike politicians, we do not write from an ivory tower. Your opinions are not only important, their are a reflection of the reality in which the average individual lives.

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