Politics and Blogging: An Article

Everyone should take a look at this article published in The Star Phoenix. It discuses blogs and their effects on politics. Small Dead Animals is mentioned.

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freethinca said...

"The blogosphere is causing another challenge for modern politics. Blogs are difficult to manipulate."

This is very important; why?

In this election we have seen the MSM rely heavily on polls for their news. Nothing new there.

But who is the client deciding the questions for those polls? When a poll question is asked to rate the importance of say, health care, education, etc., who decided the choice of issues? There is little doubt that the public agenda has been manipulated.

This recognition is very important because Bloggers are shaping public opinion by raising important issues and reclaiming contemporary politics in the process.

IMHO, the Conservative minded blogger is leading the way.

Keep it up, and thanks for the link.

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