Mixing with the Mob: Strippers in Canada

This is apparently old news, but today is the first time I ever read the sorry details of just how bad the Liberals have been in power.
Officials at Citizenship and Immigration and other departments voiced strong objections to the blanket exemption, and recounted horror stories of exotic dancers being forced into sexual slavery in Canada. A senior government official said intimidation by organized crime in the adult entertainment business led HRDC to set up the fast-track program for foreign strippers. The program gave blanket permission for strip club owners to bring in foreign exotic dancers without having to show they could not find anyone to fill the job in Canada.
Attempts to determine why Mr. Pettigrew approved the special exemption were unsuccessful. His spokesman, Sebastien Theberge, referred all inquiries to Mr. Volpe's office. According to an April 14, 1998, memo, Bradley Pascoe, an Immigration Department official wrote the policy exemption change for exotic dancers had "indeed gone right to Minister Pettigrew's office" for approval. Before Mr. Volpe cancelled the program, Ms. Sgro had defended the stripper exemption despite her department's concerns. Ms. Sgro, whose chief of staff visited strip clubs to meet owners who wanted to bring in foreign dancers, feared ending the program could hurt the strip club business.

Let me get this straight.
Not only were the Liberals providing strippers for the mob, but, Judy Sgro, a woman was afraid of hurting the stripper business.
And the Liberals bill Harper as scarey? Are they kidding?
It gets better
Intimidation by organized crime and "bad guys" in the adult entertainment business led Human Resources Development Canada to establish a special fast-track entry program for foreign exotic dancers, according to a senior government official. Bureaucrats at HRDC and Citizen and Immigration have known for years that many foreign dancers, mainly from Romania and Eastern Europe, were being trafficked by criminal syndicates and forced into prostitution at strip clubs in Canada. Despite evidence from police and reputable organizations that the women were compelled into prostitution, HRDC officials would not shut down the labour-market program that exempted strip club owners from having to prove a scarcity of native-born dancers...
Now, please keep in mind everyone that a part of Liberal Party policy is the decriminalization and regulation of prostitution. In light of the fact that foreign women were being forced and compelled into this degrading lifestyle, how can any woman possibly believe that Liberals have their best interests at heart? How can anyone believe that the regulation of prostitution would be a good thing for this country?
Read the debate that took place in the Senate and notice the Liberal "argument."
Hon. Jack Austin (Leader of the Government): ...Honourable senators, I would suggest that neither that category nor any other category in the immigration system acts against equality of rights and the standing of women. The occupation in question is legal, and so long as it is performed legally, there can be no argument with respect to gender discrimination.
Senator Kinsella: Honourable senators, a lot of things are legal but not just. Canadian women have spoken very directly in saying that exotic dancing is not an area that speaks to the elevation of the status of women in Canada.
Senator Austin: Honourable senators, I thank the honourable senator for his comment. I should like to add that there is nothing inherently illegal or discriminatory in the category of a domestic servant or in the category of an exotic dancer. That there may be abuses in this category does not deal with the question of gender discrimination.

Are you kidding me?
There is nothing inherently discriminatory about the category of an exotic dancer? As long as it is legal it can't be discriminatory?
Slavery used to be legal in the US, Senator Austin. Did that make it non-discriminatory?

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BLUE705 said...

Layton said the Liberals are about to take some time off to "clean themselves up". By the sound of your article, it better be a damn good scrubin'.

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