Martin on Handguns

"There are 500,000 handguns owned by collectors. We are one break in away from one of those guns being used in a crime."

So, Paul. It will take a CRIME committed by a CRIMINAL and NOT the OWNER to make these guns a problem? And the point of your ban is...?


Paul MacPhail said...

we need to ban criminals, not victims of break-ins!

Mike in Manotick said...

Way to go Paul... I don't even think you realize what pops out of your piehole .. errr.. mouth .. Penalize the ordinary taxpaying hobbyist .. yes hobbyist .. You know something .. the owner of any gun that is stolen will probably have a harder time going through the court system .. than the criminal themselves!! ie: legal aid .. etc.

Shane said...

...and Martin knows so little about existing gun laws that he doesn't even realize that those 500 000 handguns (a number that simply HAS TO include police and security employee ownership - I don't believe for a second that 1 in 60 Canadians own handguns. Not even in Alberta) MUST be stored with trigger locks, in locked secure metal cabinets.

It would have to a very determined criminal to break into a house, with no prior knowledge of whether or not there is a handgun in the house, stumble across the stored weapons case, have the tools or the skill to open a locked case without a key, then have more tools to open the trigger lock on the weapon, then get out of the house without getting caught.

We are talking Shakespeare with 1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters here.

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