Martin and the Military Ad

In a pathetic attempt to deflect the much deserved flak from the media, today Martin said the military ad "wasn't very good." Instead of apologizing, Martin admitted that he approved the ad. He then offered a lame excuse for why the ad was pulled.
"The ad was pulled because the ad was pulled, and because there were better ads --that's essentially it."
No, Paul. That's not "essentially it." You insulted our military and insinuated that Harper might use them to enforce martial law across the country. To suggest now that the ads were referencing some sort of "logistical nightmare" is garbage... and it's not even high-quality garbage that Canadians will buy into.
According to the Canada.com article, "Martin... was visibly frustrated Thursday with persistent questions from the media about the ads... He abruptly ended his news conference, then ad-libbed for another five minutes..."
That sounds about right. Unable to handle the tough questions from the media, Martin chose to talk out of his ass for a few minutes, hoping that would shut everyone up.
Well, it hasn't and it won't.


Anonymous said...

Paul Martin.


Canadian TV

Taliking through his ass

Looking like a dumb-dumb-dummy


We aren't making this up

Temujin said...

Paul Martin.

Visibly Frustrated.

On National T.V.

Our Nation.


I'm not making this up, either.

OttawaCon said...

Well, a proof is a proof, and he is entitled to his entitlements, so of course the ad was pulled because the ad was pulled.

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