Liberals Misquote Angry

I would like to direct everyone's attention to the bottom of the Liberal "press release" regarding property rights and child labour. They "quote" Angry.
"[Harper’s proposal] impacts everything. People who have seen property values destroyed by environmental legislation limiting development without compensating landowners. Gun-owners who are faced with confiscation of their legally purchased weapons without any recourse... Intellectual property owners, such as pharmaceutical companies, being strong-armed by the government to hand over valuable patents so that the government can legislate, distribute, and profit from them."
They then say: Is this why Harper wants to include property rights in the Charter?
It isn't.
If you had read the quote in its complete context, you would see that Angry clearly says: It seems so simple. Canadians would have a constitutional protection against the government taking away property without compensation, and against arbitrary legislation limiting their use of their property.

But, I have a question. Are the Liberals allowed to do this? Their quotation begins with the idea that Angry "lays out the potential implications of this idea", as though Angry suggested that Harper wants to enshrine property rights so that he can strip people of their other rights, not protect them.
But this is clearly NOT what Angry said at all. He said that Harper wants to PREVENT the government from taking patents, property and so on.

It would be great if we, as a community, could somehow force the Liberals to take back thier comment and apologize. There are enough of us that I am sure we could find a way.

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Anton said...

Misquoting is Liberal strategy. It works like this:

First you say a complete lie about someone or you manufacture a lie by misquoting them. The victim must then spend all his time correcting you mistakes and therefore has no time to put forward his own policies. This ensures that the liars with no policies of their own can control the flow of the campaign.

If the victim does not defend every lie about him, the Liberals can then claim that his silence is agreement and therefore he is guilty of what they said about him.

Another tactic is to enact a self-fulfilling claim. You say something that isn't true about someone but becomes true when they attempt a rebuttal.


You are a defensive person.

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