Liberals Ban Space Weapons

CTV is carrying the story of the leaked Liberal platform, as is Canada.com. Banning space weapons has to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. What is the point, exactly? To save us from missile defense projects? Hello, Paul:
The U.S. has said that although its current missile project consists of interceptor sites in Alaska and California, it does not include imminent plans for weapons in space.
So, what is the point of your plan?
To be cool?
To woo brainless idiots who actually believe the weaponization of space to be an imminent problem?
Besides, what would we do if the Borg came? ET could attack us any day you know, and we might need those space weapons.


Anonymous said...

Since we can't or don't actually launch anything into space ourselves I fail to see how this proposal can have any effect.

Peter Thurley said...


the key word there is 'imminent'. Perhaps there are no plans to launch a weapon to space within the next 3 years. But the only reason the U.S. won't do that is because their technologies keep failing. If their tests would wrok properly, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have something up there. Besides, a government does not only have to deal with what is going on at this exact moment. A ban on the weaponizstion of space is clearing intended to be a long range solution to a problem that won't rear it's ugly head for a little while (or at least until they have all their technologies squared up). Personally, I think it is a great idea, mainly because I'm opposed to the weaponization of space now, or in the distant future. Imagine if there had been a way to stop Hitler before he got carried away? As the old adage goes, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' I'd rather see Canada involved in stopping the weaponization of space now than have to worry about it 30 years from now when the US is bombing Iran mercilessly from space, or having to worry about the US shooting down weaponry over Cana because, after all, Canada is just a big wasteland, whats wrong with dropping a few megabombs on them, just for target practice?

arctic_front said...

not sure if most people realize it or not....but there has been military payloads sent to space via the shuttle since the beginning. Nobody knows exactly what they were because the U.S. military sure as hell isn't going to tell us, but one particular mission back in the early 90's or late 80's was disguised to the public as a scientific 'experiment' and people were told to watch the night sky for flashes of light as this experiment was conducted. Particle-beam weapon test? who knows? And then there is the HAARP facility in Alaska which is pretty hush-hush.....complete with VERY high security around the facitity....so my point is, how do we know if there aren't already weapons in space?....we don't, and they aren't gonna admitt it to us peons in any event.

Shane said...

You guys... get over yourselves.

Paul Martin cna't ban weapons in space any more than he can ban landmines. The world no longer shakes tot he sound of Canada' Prime Minister's voice. If it ever did. This is stupid grandstanding and posturing, AGAIN pitting us against the US.

This statement surely deserves to be made fun of, not taken seriously and debated as a policy. The powers that have the technology to put weapons in sapce already have the technology to deliver death and destruction to any corner of the world at any time. Weapons in space will neither make us safer nor place us in more danger.

Ruth said...

Besides, the Borg might come.
Then what would we do?

Les Mackenzie said...

One moment - I must adjust my tinfoil hat *adjusts hat*

That's better - please continue.

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