Liberal Attack Ad Parody: The BT Conspiracy

Time to resurrect a dead horse and beat it some more.

The blogosphere is only concerned with politics.
Everyone knows it.
You know what else everyone knows?
That the Blogging Tories was founded by the Conservative Party in December 2005.
We don't know how much they spent.
It could have been over $150,000.
They could have broken the Canada Elections Act.
We just don't know.
They just won't admit it.
We did not make this up.
Eugene Parks did.
Carol Jamieson helped him.


Chris said...

They obviously have nothing better to do. I would suggest that the Liberals focus more on plugging the leaks in the sinking ship that is their campaign. Then again, they are aboard the Titanic.

Brian Lemon said...

Let's forget about it.
A tempest in a teapot heated up by two pathetic people.

Toronto Tory said...

I wonder if the Liberals realize that Blogger is free...

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